Please find here the people I have had the pleasure of working with.

University of Glasgow (2018 – 2023)


Selim Hadjadj-AoulMSci (S/Eng)A Unified Interactive Environment for UML Models22/23
Jiayuan LIMScAn Ontological Approach to the Analysis of Human Factors in the Security of Air Traffic Control Systems.21
Botao ChangMScInvestigating how to use Attribute-Based Encryption to secure Data in the Cloud.21
Guoxiang FanMScImproving Risk Estimation in Risk Assessment Processes.21

Project Students

Luke HopkinsSoftware Tooling for Security Management Systems22/23
Idrees MahmoodAn Environment for Exploring Program Execution20/21
Edward RichardsAn Interactive Environment for the Simply-Typed Lambda Calculus.20/21
DNFAn Environment for Exploring Type-Systems.19/20
Rebecca LiddleGoal Oriented Threat Modelling for Cyber-Physical Systems.18/19
Chris WatsonA Cryptographically Secure Departmental Resource Server.18/19