Programme Committees

I have served as a committee member on the following committees:

  • 20th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems APLAS 2022
  • 33rd Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages IFL21
  • 9th Workshop on Mathematically Structured Functional Programming, MSFP 2022

Artefact Reviewing

For the following artefact evaluation committees:

I have co-chaired the:

  • 20th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems APLAS AEC 2022.

I have served as committee member on:

  • 31st European Symposium on Programming ESOP AEC 2022
  • 42nd SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation PLDI AEC 2021.

Journal Reviewing

I have been a requested (sub) reviewer for both:

  • Journal of Functional Programming
  • Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

Conference Sub Reviewing

I have been a requested sub-reviewer for:

  • International Conference on Functional Programming
  • Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming
  • Conference on Concurrency Theory

Book Reviews

I have reviewed books for:

  • Manning as part of their MEAP programme
  • Journal of Functional Programming

Research Collaborations

I maintain active research collaborations with the following research groups:

Committee Membership


  • Between October 2020 and January 2022 I served on both the Research-Staff Representation Committee at the School of Computing, University of Glasgow, and the University of Glasgow’s PostDoctoral Researcher Forum.
  • From January 2021 I have participated in the UKRI ECR Forum.


  • Between August, 2018 to December 2020 I organised the Programming Languages at University of Glasgow (PLuG) seminar series.
  • I was part of the organisation team for SPLS March 2018, and SPLS October 2019
  • During my PhD I was organiser of departmental lunch time talks, and co-founder of a departmental security colloquium

Societal Memberships