Studying with me

I am always happy to consider motivated students who are interested in working with me in concert with my research interests: Application of programming language theory and technology to address issues affecting Cybersecurity.

Final Year & MSc Student Projects

I am primarily interested in projects that generally align with my research interests, but I am also happy to consider projects relating to dependently-typed functional programming, and education in Cybersecurity & programming language theory.

Ideally, I would like to supervise projects that contribute to my research agenda, and can potentially be turned into viable publications, but I understand that this is not always possible. Regardless, I see Final Year and MSc projects as a chance for you, the student, to take an idea and run with it under my supervision.

I am happy to discuss student-led projects that align with my research, so please do contact me in good stead to discuss your project ideas. I would be grateful if you can mention in your initial email why my work interests you, and detail any ideas that you have that also align with my research interests. Otherwise my projects that I suggest will be listed in the usual places…

I maintain a list of past projects, if you need more inspiration.

Research Students: PhD & MPhil

Funded research studentships at CIS are advertised on a adhoc basis through the normal channels: social media; findaphd; and on Otherwise one will have to self-fund, or apply for external funding. There are some notes below about funding.

If you are interested then please do contact me so that we can chat about it before you submit your application to CIS. I would be grateful if you can mention in your initial email why my work interests you, and detail any ideas you have that align with my research interests.

More details on CIS’ application process is available online, and my research is outlined in detail here. Part of the application process will require you to submit a research proposal, and if I feel that we are a good match I will work with you to develop this.

Note on Funding

From time to time CIS will have pots of money through which doctoral studies can be funded. For example: Doctoral Training Grants (DTGs), bespoke posts of money (that may come with stipulations on student eligibility), Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), and project related funding. To be clear, such funding can cover funding (stipends i.e. living costs) and tution fees, but not always. When available these opportunities will be advertised through CIS and related social media accounts, together with funding stipulations i.e. nationality and coverage.

Generally speaking, if you are from outside the UK then funding your studies is, unfortunately, much harder but not impossible. Please do contact me if this is the case so that, together, we can explore funding options.

If you are self-funded then please do say so.

Otherwise there are pots of money that can be applied for:

Research Environment

By working with me, you will be part of both the StrathCyber and MSP research groups that specialise in Cybersecurity research and Mathematically Structured Programming. My research runs across both groups, and both groups are very friendly and research active.

By being part of StrathCyber and MSP you will also benefit from being part of the SICSA Cybersecurity theme, and also the Scottish Programming Languages Institute. The latter brings together researchers across Scotland to collaborate on all things relating to programming languages. By working with me you will be part of both!


These pages are based on those written by Graham Hutton and Jeremy Gibbons and Dan Ghica and Simon Fowler