A Short Note on Collecting Dependently Typed Values

I’ve finally found a round tuit down the back of the sofa and worked out how to a) use arXiv for publishing preprint eprints, and b) publishing a short note on collecting dependently typed values.

The URL is: https://arxiv.org/abs/1808.09234

The work stems from a short note I wrote in the appendix of my PhD thesis, which in turn originated as a blog post. It is not necessarily novel work, or worthy of publication at a workshop, but thought I would share nonetheless.

Within dependently typed languages, such as Idris, types can depend on values. This dependency, however, can limit the collection of items in standard containers: all elements must have the same type, and as such their types must contain the same values. We present two dependently typed data structures for collecting dependent types: \IdrisType{DList} and \IdrisType{PList}. Use of these new data structures allow for the creation of single succinct inductive \acsp{adt} whose constructions were previously verbose and split across many data structures.